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70th anniversary of establishment of Hungarian-Chinese diplomatic relations is a significant event

The meeting held on Friday afternoon in the Carmelite Monastery was also attended by Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó.

Mr Orbán highlighted that this year we are celebrating the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries which is a significant event also from the viewpoint of the history of Hungary.

Photo: Balázs Szecsődi

It conveys the lesson, he said, that one can never know what a friendship may be good for; seventy years ago, the Hungarians would never have thought how significant this relationship would prove to be.

The reason for this is China’s amazing development in the past few decades, the Prime Minister said.

He added that the Hungarian government is working hard to make this friendship as enduring as possible.

Photo: Balázs Szecsődi

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, too, spoke about the importance of the 70th anniversary, highlighting that they regard Hungary as a friendly country and a reliable partner, and would like to develop relations on the foundations of mutual respect and understanding also in the future, Bertalan Havasi, the head of the Press Office of the Prime Minister said reporting on the proceedings of the meeting.