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According to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, functioning of countries must be maintained

The Prime Minister observed that the pandemic is an enormous challenge not only to health care systems, but equally to economies.

Hungary forms part of Western alliances, but at the same time it has powerful historical, cultural, economic and political ties to the East as well, Mr Orbán pointed out, also mentioning that the Hungarian people were not surprised to observe the ever faster rise in the role of the East.

At the most critical moment of the first wave of the epidemic, the whole world “queued up in China” to procure medical equipment necessary for preserving the continued operation of health care systems, the Prime Minister said, adding that he is grateful to the People’s Republic of China for the 185 aerial consignments of key medical supplies to Hungary.

The Prime Minister highlighted that there is a global race on for the redistribution of production and service capacities. He said last year the East financed 45 per cent of investments globally, while ten years ago this percentage was just 17 per cent. According to the Prime Minister, Hungary has been successful in this global race partly due to its “policy of Easterly opening” announced ten years ago as in 10 years Hungary’s trade with Eastern countries has increased by 25 per cent, while last year Eastern investors accounted for 60 per cent of foreign investments and 40 per cent of new jobs.

Addressing the President of China, Mr Orbán said Hungary is committed to continued cooperation with China and partner countries of the Belt and Road Initiative which is today “timelier than ever”.

The Prime Minister said “the epidemic is compelling us to combine our efforts and resources in order to cope with one of the greatest challenges of our time”.

The purpose of the China International Import Expo is to promote the global opening of the Chinese market and to strengthen China’s role as a trade partner.