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All the very best to graduating students with their final examinations

In the video uploaded onto his Facebook account, Viktor Orbán said he is aware that this year’s final examinations are much more difficult as there was no scope for preparations in person; students were required to participate in digital education.

Standing in front of the Székesfehérvár Teleki Blanka Secondary School where he himself graduated, the Prime Minister wished graduating students all the very best with their final examinations, adding that students will surely remember every hour spent studying, every thought, and every topic they were required to learn, and the examinations will be remembered as a fond memory.

Mr Orbán said whenever he walks past the building of his old secondary school, he always feels sentimental because he thinks of his teachers “who tried to make a man of me” with gratitude.

On Monday morning, the written tests of the final examinations started throughout the country, subject to the observance of stringent disease control regulations. On the first day of the final examinations, 71,000 students are taking intermediate examinations in Hungarian language and literature, while another two thousand students registered for upper-intermediate examinations.