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Announcement by Viktor Orbán

We ordered restrictions on free movement two weeks ago. I know that this is a difficult matter, as it is an inconvenience for us all, but this decree is about to expire – this Saturday. We must decide on what happens next: on whether to continue it – and if so, how. Furthermore, all of us are preparing for Easter with our families, and so this requires an increased level of caution. So we’ve listened to mayors, asked for opinions from the police, spoken to epidemiologists, and gathered opinions from scientists. The consensus is that the restrictions so far have made sense: they have been rational and effective in slowing the spread of the epidemic.

In light of this, we have made the following decisions. We are extending the duration of the restrictions on free movement. We are extending their duration indefinitely, and we shall assess the situation on a weekly basis and thereby decide on any further extensions. We have also decided to grant mayors special competency, an exceptional remit. Up until midnight on Monday – so for the full duration of Easter – each mayor may create and introduce additional special, stricter regulations specifically enforceable in their own settlement.

In addition to these decisions I would like to make some requests to you. First of all, I would like to ask you to comply with these restrictive regulations. Please avoid group gatherings, so that you maintain a distance from one another in public areas. And I ask you to pay particular attention to the elderly. This means that I am asking us to accept that this Easter will be different from the Easters we have been accustomed to. And I ask you to continue to show care towards one another this Easter.