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At this time we must be cautious

The meeting was attended by President of the Medical Research Council József Mandl, Vice President Tibor Wittman, Secretary of the Council Miklós Csala, and further members of the body, including Professors Tamás Dóczi, Gyula Poór, Péter Sótonyi and Attila Vörös.

After the meeting, in the video posted on his social media account, the Prime Minister said on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday he would conduct further consultations with epidemiological experts.

On Tuesday, members of the Medical Research Council said “we are in the ascending phase of the third wave of the epidemic, we must be cautious, and must do everything we can to ensure that vaccines in the largest possible numbers are supplied to Hungary and people in maximum numbers have themselves vaccinated”.

According to the Prime Minister, in answer to the question as to whether the lockdown restrictions should or could be lifted at this time, the experts called for caution, advising against the easing of restrictions. The time will come for this when the number of those who have already been vaccinated is higher, the Prime Minister said, recalling the proceedings of the meeting.

He added that consultations would continue on Wednesday.