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Both Hungary and Colombia have ambitious plans

Colombia has ambitious plans for the future, similar to the Hungarians who have also set ambitious goals for themselves, the Prime Minister stressed in his press statement made in the company of the Nobel Peace Prize laureate Colombian head of state, highlighting that Colombia “is doing a number of things which we Hungarians can also learn, copy and, after some adjustment, use”.

Photo: Gergely Botár

Mr Orbán described mutual commitment to friendship between the two nations at the level of young people as important. He indicated that Colombia also forms part of the scholarship programmes offered by Hungary which will be extended during the coming period.

The Prime Minister observed that both countries had re-opened their embassies in one another’s states.

“My job as newly elected prime minister could not have started any better than with a visit from our guest today”, he praised the Colombian President, adding that exciting leaders such as Juan Manuel Santos – whom he described as a genuine hero – rarely come to visit Hungary.

“We have found a new friend” who will have a representation in Hungary which has similar ideas about the future and appreciates the significance cooperation with neighbouring countries and regionalism will have in the future, Mr Orbán said.

Juan Manuel Santos said it is a great honour to be the first head of state to visit the newly elected Hungarian Prime Minister.

The President of the South American country congratulated Hungary on its excellent economic indicators which stand out in Europe, its high growth rate and its intensive development.

Photo: Gergely Botár

In his words, Mr Orbán represents a line in politics which is very similar to the Colombian policy pursued in the interest of competitiveness.

At the same time, he urged the wider promotion of Colombia among Hungarian investors as well as the strengthening of relations between the Visegrád countries and the Pacific Alliance, a trade bloc formed by four Latin American countries.

Finally the Colombian President invited Mr Orbán to his country; the Prime Minister accepted the invitation.

The uncut version of the video recordings made at the event can be downloaded in the Press Room.