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British and Greek prime ministers also congratulated Prime Minister Viktor Orbán

The British Prime Minister made reference to the historical bonds that exist between the two countries, their shared interests and direct relations between Hungarian and British individuals. He pointed out that the new Hungarian government was being formed at a critical time as regarded Euro-Atlantic security when – due to the attack on Ukraine by Russia – Europe and NATO must show unity.

Mr Johnson stressed the importance of the sanctions planned to be introduced in relation to Russian hydrocarbons; at the same time, he acknowledged that Hungary was compelled to face unique challenges from the respect of the country’s energy security. In this context he offered the support of the United Kingdom.

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis wrote to Mr Orbán: the pandemic taught us how important close international cooperation and solidarity were. The Greek Prime Minister sincerely hopes that bilateral relations and cooperation at a European level will contribute to “guaranteeing our common security and welfare,” Mr Havasi reported.