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Budapest, too, can change over to second phase of containment effort

The Prime Minister said the government is lifting the restrictions on movement imposed due to the coronavirus epidemic also in Budapest, and the capital will follow the countryside at a delay of two weeks. Behaving responsibly and keeping a safe distance are especially important in Budapest, he stressed.

The Prime Minister asked mayors not to take risks lightly, and to pay special attention to the safety of elderly care homes.

The Prime Minister highlighted that on day 66 after the state of danger was declared, he is the bearer of the good news that “we have won comprehensively” the first battle fought for the containment of the epidemic. “This is now not just a hope, not just a mere wish, but a fact,” he added.

Mr Orbán said the number of infected persons is low, and the number of new cases, too, has recently developed favourably.

“We could achieve this because we adopted all the necessary decisions in good time, and because – and I would like to underline this especially – we have all, including people in the countryside and in Budapest, single persons, families, the elderly and the young, behaved responsibly. Thank you for that,” the Prime Minister said, concluding his message with the words “Come on, Budapest”.