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Csengersima border crossing station to be reinforced

For three days, the Prime Minister moved to the Hungarian-Ukrainian border from where he will observe events and the work of police officers, members of the military and the disaster management personnel and will organise the defence effort in person.

The Prime Minister said more people will be working at the Csengersima border crossing station where also at present thousands of Ukrainian refugees are arriving by car via Romania every day.

Rendering an account of his personal experience, Mr Orbán said at Csengersima everything is running like clockwork, cross-border traffic is moving smoothly in six lanes.  “Police officers are working hard,” he said, adding that volunteers of the Red Cross are providing assistance for children on site.

He stressed that based on today’s state of organisation, he believes that if this border crossing point is reinforced, “also next week we will be able to work just as efficiently”.