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We need more flexible and more just EU plans to rebuild European economy

The most important topic of the talks was the rebuilding of the European economy in the wake of the coronavirus epidemic, with special regard to the European Commission’s recovery plan announced last week.

First, the Visegrád prime ministers held talks, and they were later joined by the President of the European Council, Mr Havasi said.

Photo: Zoltán Fischer

The parties highlighted that the prime ministers of Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia are making joint efforts to make the European Commission’s proposal more just and more flexible. They agreed to continue work at another V4 summit to be held in the Czech Republic next week, and that they expect further information regarding the proposed EU borrowing plans. The details of these plans are unclear at present.

During the talks between the V4 heads of government and Charles Michel, leaders of the Visegrád countries made it clear that they are ready to engage in constructive cooperation regarding the plans for the development of the European economy; however, they have yet to carry out thorough analyses. Long and difficult negotiations are expected regarding this topic, but quality is more important than haste; they will have to do a thorough job, they stressed.