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Europe’s safety depends on inoculation of people

Viktor Orbán said the Social Summit will be attended by heads of state and government, representatives of social organisations and trade unions, and the leaders of employer organisations, and the question they will debate is how to make Europe socially safe and secure.

“The Hungarian answer is this: by ensuring that every European citizen has access to the vaccine because if there are no vaccines, then the pandemic will continue to make people sick, people will lose their jobs and won’t be able to support their families. Therefore, providing access to the vaccine for every European citizen is key to the social situation in Europe,” the Prime Minister said.

He added “we have plenty to say” as in Hungary “life has reopened almost completely, immunity certificate holders now have access to almost everything, they have regained their freedom, but this is not yet the case in many European countries”.

“I will propose that in the whole of Europe we accept all provably useful and safe vaccines and accelerate the process of vaccination. Vaccination saves lives, and Europe’s safety depends on whether people in sufficient numbers are vaccinated,” Mr Orbán said.

The two-day unofficial meeting of the European Union’s heads of state and government, which will begin on Friday in Porto, Portugal, will focus on social policy, the pandemic caused by the coronavirus, and a review of the measures that seek to curb the pandemic. At the Social Summit planned for the first day, the leaders of EU Member States will hold a conference in order to set a European social policy agenda.