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Extraordinary announcement by Viktor Orbán

At today’s meeting, the government reviewed the epidemiological situation in Hungary and in the European context. The spread of the pandemic has accelerated. In Austria, the number of infections per one million people is one and a half times higher than in Hungary, and further to the west the situation is even worse. This is important because, in our experience, Hungary is five or seven days behind Austria. If that is the case, and it has been so far, by the middle of December, our hospitals will reach the limit of their capacity. This time around the epidemic poses the greatest threat to the lives of the elderly and the chronically ill, just as it did during the spring, which means that our parents and grandparents are facing a serious threat. It is time to take further steps to protect the operability of our hospitals and also to protect the lives of the elderly. Political debates must now be set aside; we will need swift action and timely measures. Last time, it took two weeks for our National Assembly to pass legislation on punishing violations of mask-wearing rules. This is absurd! In this situation, it is absolutely absurd. If the spread of the virus is fast, then we need to be fast as well. Therefore, the government has decided to reintroduce the state of emergency from midnight today and is asking the National Assembly to extend this state of emergency by 90 days. Today, we also made new decisions at the government meeting. At events, sports events, cinemas, theatres, you can only sit in every third chair, and the use of masks is mandatory without exception. Authorities will inspect every event, and impose fines where necessary and close the venues where the rules are not followed. They will close them immediately. Because those who don’t follow the rules, those who don’t wear a mask and those who don’t keep a safe distance can endanger not only their own lives but also the lives of others. According to the report of the Operational Group it is quite simply impossible to enforce these rules in nightclubs. Therefore, following their suggestion, we decided to close nightclubs, and introduce a curfew between midnight and 5 a.m., which means everyone has to get home by midnight. To reduce overcrowding, we will increase the frequency of public transport in the morning and during the noon rush hour and make parking free of charge again. We will increase the salaries of doctors, and the equipment necessary for defence is available in hospitals. We are third in Europe in terms of hospital beds and world leaders in terms of ventilators. Our doctors and nurses continue to do world-class work and do their best to heal patients. That’s a lot, almost superhuman, but it’s not enough. The final solution is the vaccine. But the vaccine is already within sight, we need to hold out. We need to hold out until the vaccine arrives. We are negotiating with the European Union, Russia, China and Israel as well. The situation is grave, but we have already succeeded once during the spring. If we come together, if we follow the rules, together we will succeed again.