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First border hunters to be inaugurated on Friday

His communication and the press office’s invitation reveals that the event will be held at 10.00 a.m. on Friday in Budapest, at the Kerepes út base of the Rapid Response and Special Police Service.

In June, Mr Orbán announced on his Facebook account that the Hungarian government had decided on the establishment of border hunter units. In explanation, he said the war in Ukraine “is threatening not only our economy, but also our security”. The food supply of a number of African countries is now in jeopardy, and due to the food crisis we expect to see a rise in the pressure of migration at our Southern borders, the Prime Minister said, adding that hundreds of thousands of migrants could set out for Hungary and Europe in the coming months.

He further highlighted that the number of illegal border crossers had increased, and their behaviour was becoming ever more violent, sometimes even brutal.

Therefore, the Hungarian government decided to reinforce our Southern borders and to protect the security of the Hungarians living there, Mr Orbán said, justifying the establishment of border hunter units.