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Former government minister to be elevated to rank of bishop is next to unprecedented

On Thursday, the Dunamellék District of the Reformed Church in Hungary elected Zoltán Balog as bishop with a 67 per cent majority. “While we know that God moves in mysterious ways, we frequently observe that from time to time tasks involving a great deal of responsibility do find people who are ready for service. However, a former government minister to be elevated to the rank of bishop is next to unprecedented,” Mr Orbán wrote in his congratulations message.

He added that he was convinced that Mr Balog’s exceptional career and experience gained in a number of places of service “will be a great blessing for the entire district and for all my brothers and sisters in the Reformed Church”. “Please allow me to offer you my congratulations from the bottom of my heart on the occasion of your election as bishop, and to wish you much strength, wisdom and good health with your service in that capacity,” Mr Orbán wrote in conclusion.