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Former Kádár villa to be used by Middle East Christians

In addition to the Hungarian Prime Minister and the Syriac Patriarch, the amicable meeting was also attended by Syriac Orthodox Archbishop of Mosul Nicodemus, Syriac Orthodox Archbishop of Damascus Timotheus, Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén and Minister of State Tristan Azbej. Patriarch Ignatius Aphrem II expressed his sincere appreciation to the Hungarian people for the efforts they make in the interest of persecuted Christians, and at the same time, he said thank you for the offer of use of the building, the press chief said. Mr Havasi recalled that, as part of the Hungary Helps Programme, the Hungarian government has provided vital assistance for Christian communities persecuted due to their faith worldwide for four years. The Syriac Orthodox Church’s humanitarian projects in Syria, Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon have also been implemented with Hungary’s support. These projects seek to enable local Christian communities to remain in their native land.