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George Soros and his network are doing everything possible to overthrow governments that are resisting immigration

“I am not at all surprised by what I am seeing; I have been in this profession a long time and can read from the signs”, the Prime Minister said, adding that he can see the tell-tale signs of the involvement of George Soros and his organisations with relation to events in Slovakia. I have no doubt that this network is doing everything possible to overthrow governments that are resisting immigration, he said.

Today, Slovakia has a government that is resisting immigration and which does not want to turn its homeland into an immigrant country, Mr. Orbán said, adding that in his opinion such prime ministers are being ruthlessly attacked and will continue to be attacked by George Soros’s organisations.

The Prime Minister also spoke about the fact that Hungary and Slovakia have developed a strategic partnership in recent years, of which the people of Hungary and Slovakia are both beneficiaries. “This is a good thing and is something we want to continue, meaning we need a stable Slovakia”, he declared, indicating that the two countries have many joint plans that they would like to see realised.