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Government decided to introduce ceiling on food prices

In a video posted on Facebook on Wednesday afternoon, after the cabinet meeting, Viktor Orbán said due to the rise in food prices, the government decided to intervene in the development of prices in the case of six products: sugar, flour, sunflower seed oil, leg of pork, chicken breast and 2.8 per cent cow’s milk.

The Prime Minister added this means that the prices of these six products must be reset to the level where they were on 15 October last year, and every store will have to comply with this rule.

He said from 1 February these products will already be available for purchase at these prices.

The Prime Minister stressed that at the cabinet meeting, in addition to the pandemic, they also dealt with the issue of price rises as, he continued, prices are rising throughout Europe due to the increase in energy prices.

He said Hungary is protecting families. We have managed to curb the rise in petrol prices, have introduced an interest rate ceiling in the case of mortgage loans, and have a policy for the reduction of household utility bills, meaning that Hungarian families receive energy at fixed prices, and this protects them, he said.

“Hungary is going forward, not backward,” the Prime Minister stated in conclusion.