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Government to instate a war state of danger

“The government that swore its oath today immediately got down to work. We didn’t waste a single minute because there is a war in our neighbourhood. A war whose end no one can see yet,” the Prime Minister said.

Mr Orbán stressed that this war posed an ongoing threat to Hungary, put our physical security at risk and also jeopardised the energy supply and financial security of the economy and families.

“We can see that the war and the Brussels sanctions have led to an enormous economic upheaval and drastic price rises. The world is on the threshold of an economic crisis. Hungary must stay out of this war and must protect the financial security of families,” the Prime Minister stated.

According to Mr Orbán, for this the government needs scope for manoeuvre and the ability to take action immediately. Therefore, exercising its right granted in the Fundamental Law, from midnight tonight the government will instate a war state of danger. Similar to the state of danger introduced during the defence against the pandemic, this, too, will enable the government to respond immediately and to defend Hungary and Hungarian families with all possible means.

“Tomorrow, I will inform you about our first decisions,” the Prime Minister said in conclusion.