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Historic breakthrough in funding for Hungarian minority in Vojvodina

At the meeting, the two politicians reviewed the work performed during the past eighteen months by the Prosperitati Foundation, without which, as they explained, it would have been impossible to stop social and economic segregation. They highlighted that the economic development package represented a historic breakthrough in view of the fact that never before has the Vojvodinian part of the nation received such a high level of economic and agrarian funding.

“The results of the tender system, which conforms to EU, Hungarian and Serbian regulations and is fully transparent, are already noticeable”. “All this has occurred thanks to the work of Hungarians in Vojvodina, the Prosperitati Foundation and the Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians (VMSZ), through introducing a new approach, reinforcing public confidence and learning “tender expertise and practices. In turn, this opens the way for a new dimension in national solidarity”, Viktor Orbán and István Pásztor said at their meeting.

The VMSZ President informed Prime Minister Orbán about the new programmes being launched within the framework of the economic development strategy. Based on the results so far, Mr. Orbán assured Mr. Pásztor of his support for the new plans, meaning the Hungarian community in Vojvodina can expect the realisation of further economic development projects via the Prosperitati Foundation until the end of 2018, Mr. Havasi said.