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Hungarian people must decide about Hungarian people’s money

Viktor Orbán said in the history of Europe an unprecedentedly large common economic package is being compiled in the interest of alleviating the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.

“We ourselves are making a contribution to this,” the Prime Minister said, indicating that he is leaving for Brussels where “serious and tough” negotiations will await Hungary.

He said the debate concerns who should decide about the utilisation of funds.

“The Hungarian position is clear, the Hungarian people must decide about the Hungarian people’s money,” Mr Orbán pointed out, observing that there are other applicants queuing up to do this job, “in particular, bureaucrats from Brussels”.

“Parliament has supplied me with munitions. They adopted clear decisions which I must enforce,” he said with reference to the government-party parliamentary decision adopted on Tuesday which set conditions for Hungary to support the EU credit package, also highlighting that only the Hungarian people can decide about the Hungarian people’s future.