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Hungarian-South Korean relations could be elevated to new heights

On Wednesday in his office, the Hungarian Prime Minister received South Korean President Moon Jae-in who arrived in Hungary on an official visit on Tuesday.

At the meeting, Mr Orbán said he was delighted to acknowledge that South Korea sees a distinguished partner in Hungary. He said it fills us with admiration that South Korea, relying on the strength of fifty million people, has become one of the world’s leading technological powers. He stressed that he can only talk about the Korean companies present in Hungary in words of the highest praise, they have fantastic investments here. “They are very honourable people,” they observe every agreement, the deadlines are always met, we like cooperating with them very much, he added.

The Prime Minister said he sincerely hopes that this visit will elevate relations between the two countries to new heights.

In his brief statement, the South Korean President said thank you for the Hungarian approach to the accident of the pleasure cruise boat Mermaid, indicating that the Hungarian Prime Minister made all necessary resources available to find the persons who disappeared. He also said the two countries share similar features in many areas, and also cooperate in innovative areas such as the production of electric cars.