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Hungary has learnt appropriate lessons from dark chapter of its history

In his letter, the Hungarian Prime Minister wrote he and his wife recall from time to time Mr Lauder’s great speech delivered at last year’s commemoration at the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp.

“As you are a leader with Hungarian roots, I would like to assure you that Hungary has learned the appropriate lessons from the dark chapter of Hungarian history that took the lives of many of our Jewish compatriots and deprived survivors of their loved ones,” Mr Orbán wrote.

He recalled that the Hungarian government continues to stand on the ground of zero tolerance for anti-Semitism, and offered the Jewish World Congress and its President continued cooperation in the spirit of common values.

“I wish you much strength and good health in your work for the Jewish community in the world, with my head bowed before the victims,” the Prime Minister wrote concluding his message.