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Hungary must be left out of this conflict

After the visit, the Prime Minister said the situation continuous to remain serious and tense, and we must do everything we can to avoid a war. Hungary must be left out of this military conflict; Hungary’s security is the number one priority, he pointed out.

Accordingly, Mr Orbán rejected proposals from the Left urging the government to send troops and weapons to Ukraine.

In the video of the visit which was posted on Mr Orbán’s social media account, the Prime Minister stressed that Hungary must undertake a role in the international efforts that are being made to restore peace, and in the meantime the army must prepare for the eventuality that should things take a turn for the worse and refugees arrive, the army, in cooperation with the police, should be able to handle the situation.

In conclusion, Mr Orbán said “today I came away with the impression that we are able to do that, Hungary’s security is in good hands”.