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Hungary will stand against proposals conveying threat of impoverishment for families

According to Mr Orbán, right from the beginning Hungary’s position regarding the Russia-Ukraine war has been clear, “we condemn the Russian attack on Ukraine’s territorial sovereignty, the violation of the Budapest Memorandum. We want peace. The armed conflict must be brought to an end, disputes must be settled via talks. We must help Ukraine and provide for refugees. So far, almost 800,000 refugees have arrived from Ukraine in Hungary whom we have provided with food, accommodation and medicine. We are providing children with education, adults with jobs. Tens of thousands of Hungarians have taken in refugees fleeing from their homes, collected donations and worked as volunteers. Meanwhile, we sent and continue to send humanitarian aid, donations, food, fuel and medicines to Ukraine.”

Mr Orbán pointed out that for this Hungary and its citizens deserve appreciation and gratitude, not insults and a lecturing tone.

“The Constitution of Hungary protects freedom of religion, and so Hungary will never support the placement of church leaders on sanctions lists, the isolation of church leaders from members of their congregations. Peace can only be restored with the active involvement of churches. All Member States were well aware of this opinion of ours throughout,” the Prime Minister underlined.

He added that during the adoption of the six sanctions packages to date, Hungary had done everything it could to maintain European unity. “We did so despite the fact that it was becoming increasingly difficult to enforce the previous consensus-based principle that the sanctions we introduce should not cause us more harm than they do Russia.”

Mr Orbán highlighted that according to the Treaties, the European Council adopts its decisions unanimously. The veto as a concept makes no sense as no decision can be adopted in the absence of unanimity. As members of the European Council cannot tell members of the European Parliament which way to vote, the same is also true the other way around.

“Also in the best interests of Europe, I maintain Hungary’s right to stand against proposals that are contrary to common sense and convey the threat of impoverishment for European families with sincere talk and calm arguments. I’m certain that I will find ever more partners also in your ranks in this aspiration of mine. This is in the best interests of not only Hungary, but also of Europe,” Mr Orbán wrote, concluding his reply.