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Hungary’s future is at stake

The Prime Minister and President of Fidesz, who arrived at the polling station with his wife Anikó Lévai, said that “we are not only choosing parties, not only a government and not only a prime minister: we are also choosing a future for ourselves.”

Mr. Orbán said that “This is a serious country, this is a great country, and this is a country which has always stood up for itself when it needed to. So can have faith in the people, and I will accept their decision.”

In his view, the election day was not for politicians, but for voters, and it would not be appropriate to say anything before they made their decision.

The Prime Minister added that he had cast both his votes for Fidesz, because “only that is safe”, and that the reason he voted in the early morning was that later he would continue the mobilisation campaign. He also asked everyone to vote in the election.

Foreign journalists asked the Prime Minister questions about the relationship between Hungary and the European Union. He replied that Hungary is a loyal member of international organisations, and the Government represents the country’s best interests because “we love our country and fight for our future”. He also said that the EU is not Brussels, but all the national capitals.