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If the Left wins, weapons shipments will start the next day

Before an audience gathered together in the main square of Székesfehérvár, the President of Fidesz said they met here also four years ago, “Fehérvár is our lucky charm,” also four years ago “our meeting in Fehérvár led to a great victory”. Based on statistics, if they win in the interior of Fehérvár, they win in the whole country, he explained.

He observed that this was not a campaign closing event, but an event opening the finish of the campaign, and the campaign finish was the most important part of the campaign.

He said “we will have thirteen hours to win on Sunday, from six in the morning until seven in the evening”. They have made all the preparations, and the opponent, too, is “in a state that is in our favour,” in a shaken state, he said.

He took the view that the stars are aligned, but this is worthless if we fail to make good use of the 13 hours at our disposal on the last day. “We already saw an election when we won on Saturday and also on Monday, but on Sunday we lost,” he recalled.

He highlighted that “we should learn from the lesson of 2002,” everyone should be there and do one better so that we win this election.

He said many argue that the opponent is cheating. “Why is that surprising?” he asked.

He took the view, however, that the fraud that is now being committed is “on a scale never seen before”. Its scale is simply shocking: they gathered together the data of several million people, took them abroad, from there they brought them back, and used them for sending all sorts of messages to the individuals concerned without their permission, he explained, adding that this is an evident and clear breach of the law.

Mr Orbán stated that “we must win even on such an obstacle course, even with such obstacles in the way”. “We started the campaign in earnest” on 23 October, and stated there and then at the Peace March that “our greatest weapon lies in our unity, that we can count on each other, this is our true support that we can rely on”. He also stated that “we said back then, on 23 October that we will fight; there aren’t enough dollars or euros in this world, the liberal world press, Uncle George’s activists and the God only knows how many Brussels bureaucrats are all doing their best in vain: If we unite and combine forces, we will push through even the thickest wall,” he said.

He recalled that at the beginning of the campaign they thought they would have to convince people that they had two alternatives to choose from. “We can return to the failed past or can continue the work we started 12 years ago,” he pointed out.

He said they thought they would have to convince people that “in actual fact, Gyurcsány is the boss, in actual fact, our opponents are the same” that they had always been. He felt that if they could relay this message well, they can win the election. But then the war broke out which changed everything, “it also changed our campaign,” he said.

The question for Hungary in the context of the war in Ukraine is this: war or peace, he stated.

He stressed he would have thought that regardless of party affiliation, everyone in Hungary would be on the side of peace. He thought everyone would say the same thing: this is two other peoples’ war, this is a war between Ukraine and Russia. We are Hungarians, and therefore, our duty is to be left out of this war, he added.

He said only the national side says in answer to this question that this is the war of two other peoples, and Hungary must be left out of it. “The Left, however, believes that Ukraine is fighting our war,” he pointed out, stressing that this is a mistake.

This is not our war, in this we have nothing to gain, but everything to lose, he stated. He also said we can be left out by not sending either soldiers or weapons, and by not allowing arms shipments through the territory of the country.

He stressed that the threat of the war in Ukraine is incomparably greater than that of the 1999 Yugoslav War as this is being waged by two enormous countries, one of which is a nuclear great power.

He also said they understand the Ukrainian President who is doing everything he can to involve as many European countries in the war as possible because he hopes that by doing so he could contain the extent of defeat or could even avoid it. In his view, the government side has a dispute, in actual fact, not with the Ukrainians, but with the Hungarian Left. “And we have a problem with the fact that behind our backs they’ve already struck a deal with the Ukrainians,” he stressed.

He said if the Left wins, weapons shipments will start the very next day, and they will support proposals which seek to turn off the taps of the gas and oil pipelines coming from Russia. He added that “we cannot allow this to happen,” Hungary’s interests must be protected.

He warned that if the sanctions are also extended to the supply of energy, if the taps are turned off, then the country will come to a halt. “We’ll soon exhaust our reserves,” and there will be no fuel, factories will have to be closed down, and people in very large numbers could lose their jobs, he added.

He laid down that “the Ukrainians cannot ask us to help them by destroying ourselves, and they likewise cannot want to tell us how to help them when they’re in trouble”.

“Our hearts are with them,” but Hungary must stand up for its interests and must be left out of this war, Mr Orbán said. He highlighted that to date Hungary has helped almost six hundred thousand refugees, and therefore, what Ferenc Gyurcsány says, that “we are a lousy country” is not true. We are a great country which provides assistance, which gives the people fleeing trouble everything they need, he stated.

In the present situation, calm, experience and predictability are worth gold, this is no time for experiments, the Prime Minister laid down.

Amidst the difficulties we are facing, Mr Orbán mentioned the fact that there is a pandemic behind us, a war next to us, and before us a European economy that is finding itself in an increasingly grave situation.

He added that the government had already seen a few crises, since 2010 they had been compelled to endure serious trials. In this context, he mentioned the red sludge disaster, the floods on the Danube and the Tisza, the refugee and migrant crisis, the Covid pandemic and now the war.

The President of Fidesz said he has always supported beginners and likes those who make it to the front from the back of the pack in a race; not everyone was born with a silver spoon in their mouths. The Prime Minister observed that he himself came from a small village.

In continuation, he said there is nothing wrong with someone, say, from the Great Plain – who feels strong enough to take over the steering wheel – giving it a try. However, today “we are living in dangerous times”. “I suggest to the Hungarian people that we don’t experiment at this time, that we don’t try new things out at this time; at this time, we should rely on experience and predictability, and should listen to the tried and tested deputies,” he said, asking members of his audience to support the two Székesfehérvár candidates of the government parties.

The politician said the child protection referendum is at least as important as the parliamentary elections.

Mr Orbán said “on Sunday, too, we will have to lay down clearly that the mother is a woman, the father is a man, our children should be left well alone, and that we must protect our families. We must stop the gender madness that is evidently causing ever graver problems West of us.”

In his view, this referendum could settle a very important question in Hungary for a long time.

The party president said the world has gone crazy, trends are emerging that you wonder at, and one would never have thought that we would have to write it in our Constitution that the father is a man, the mother is a woman and marriage is an alliance forged for life between man and woman.

He added that “our friends in Western Europe have missed the boat,” there, too, it all began like in Hungary a year or two ago, as a strange whim when everything is mixed together with everything else.

He highlighted that there is no problem with that as long as it is a challenge reserved for adults. He said “we’re not young anymore, they’re too late as far as we are concerned, we live as we live”.

But “children are a red line,” adults will face a reckoning before the Lord, he said, stating that we must not allow anyone to take away the right to the education of children from parents.

Mr Orbán took the view that if in the coming days everyone does their jobs, we could win the referendum and the parliamentary elections, and could at the same time preserve Hungary’s peace and could succeed in being left out of the war.

He said “there are two days left, and then comes the landing”. With three days of hard work “we can win four years, we can win ourselves four peaceful, calm and safe years,” he underlined.

He said in 39 hours’ time, we will have to go to the ballots, and “we will have to take with us our friends, colleagues, family members so that they, too, attend the election where the next four years of Hungary will be decided”.

He stressed that we have done the job in hand decently, we have prepared ourselves both spiritually and physically, and now there is a single task left. “Let us defeat our opponents, let us protect our families, let us protect Hungary, let us protect Hungary’s peace and security,” Mr Orbán appealed to members of his audience.

Before Mr Orbán, the audience was addressed by State Secretary for Civilian Intelligence at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade Tamás Vargha, Fidesz-KDNP’s candidate for Member of Parliament for Constituency No. 1 of Fejér County. He took the view that the upcoming elections are even more significant than the 2018 ones. The candidate took stock of the developments implemented in Székesfehérvár in recent years, including the refurbished museum, the planting of new forests, the renovation of the Basilica, and the development of the local hospital.

Gábor Törő, Fidesz-KDNP’s candidate for Member of Parliament for Constituency No. 2 of Fejér County, who is also fighting for re-election, said though they have had a long campaign, and there are only two days left until the elections, they cannot sit back and relax. He asked his supporters to make every effort on Sunday, and to go and see every family member and friend to ask them to go to the ballots.

Mayor of Székesfehérvár András Cser-Palkovics stressed that they needed a government and Members of Parliament who were a guarantee for the completion of the investments that had been started in the city.

He asked undecided voters to ask themselves the question: “who would steer the country’s boat better in the ever stormier global sea?” Those who designated the right direction in 2010, or those who want to steer the boat in six different directions and cannot even agree on who the captain is?