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Interview on Pink TV with Viktor Orbán

The number one challenge to us is being isolated from each other. So without rebuilding the North–South connection of our countries we’ll remain isolated. My personal belief is that if countries are cooperating with each other, they have a better chance to win the future. Your president and myself invested long, long years to build up friendship between Serbia and Hungary. It’s a totally new approach. And new single ways generate difficulties, but I think we convinced the majority of the Serbs and Hungarians as well that this is the way to the future: cooperation between us. And I’m a lucky man, because I got a partner as President of Serbia who is not speaking but doing, you know. I’m in office all together 16 years; I know many people who are just talking, talking a lot about friendship and cooperation, but doing nothing. But now we have a president who is just very punctual, very determined, and do it. So I love it very much. So we are grateful to the President.