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Interview with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Hungarian public broadcaster Magyar Televízió (MTVA)

László Mészáros (MTVA): Prime Minister, the Hungarian government is determined to buy back Budapest Airport. What progress can you report on this matter?

The news is true. We’ve heard it increasingly often and from ever more sources. I can confirm the news: the Hungarian government intends to buy back Liszt Ferenc Airport. The right thing is for our only really serious, large, international airport to be in Hungarian hands. It is right to buy it back, and the economy is strong enough for us to be able to do so.

Prime Minister, when can we expect this purchase to take place?

It could be concluded at any moment.

And what can passengers expect afterwards – from a Liszt Ferenc Airport that’s in Hungarian hands, in state hands?

After that there will be developments that will enhance the status of this airport – and therefore of Budapest as a whole – by two or three grades.

Thank you very much.