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Issues of critical importance were discussed in Prague

In his Facebook post, the Prime Minister wrote that regarding the issue of the Russo-Ukrainian war, he represented the Hungarian position that the most important goal was to restore peace and to prevent escalation. At present, events are heading in the latter direction, but we need a ceasefire and talks, he stressed.

Mr Orbán asked the leaders of the larger states of the European Union to make every effort to engage in meaningful negotiations in order to prevent the further spread of the war.

As regards energy, we have managed to achieve all the important Hungarian national goals; we have received exemption from the points of the eighth package that would be detrimental to us, the Prime Minister laid down.

He added that this sanctions package did not apply to either Hungary’s gas supply or energy generated by nuclear power plants. In fact, it makes it possible for Hungary to build and to smoothly operate the Paks 2 nuclear power plant.

Mr Orbán also said they had called upon the European Commission – as the sanctions had pushed energy prices sky-high in the whole of Europe – to take immediate action for the reduction of energy prices.