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Le Pen to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán: I support Hungary’s resistance to Brussels threats and blackmail

Marine Le Pen wrote to Mr Orbán that during her visit to Budapest, she recognised that Hungary had never made compromises and had never given up on protecting its ancient identity. The fact that it has never surrendered its freedom and independence also testifies to the Hungarian community’s strength of character, she added.

The French presidential candidate said thank you for “the meaningful and constructive exchange about the future of Europe, and the place and outstanding role of the nations and peoples that constitute Europe”.

She confirmed that she fully supports Mr Orbán’s resistance to threats and ultimatums, and to the blackmail exerted by the European Union in relation to Hungary.

“I am convinced more than ever that patriotic and sovereigntist forces must unite in the struggle; the sovereignty of states must be restored and guaranteed in the functioning of the European organisation,” Marine Le Pen wrote.

She added that the latest developments, and in particular, the declaration signed by the two political formations are steps taken in the right direction. They solidify their concept about a Europe which is not being built against Member States, but seeks to reinforce them through a cooperation policy that is based on their free choice and consensus. “I’m working for the success of this approach, and to convince my fellow patriots in April 2022 during the presidential election to choose sovereignty and independence,” the French politician wrote in conclusion.