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May the Jewish New Year also be spent in the spirit of the defence and growth of our common culture

The Prime Minister’s letter was sent to President of the Hungarian Autonomous Orthodox Jewish Community Eduárd Deblinger, President of the Federation of Hungarian Jewish Communities András Heisler, Executive Rabbi of the Unified Hungarian Jewish Congregation Shlomo Köves, and President of the Foundation for Hungarian Jewish Heritage György Szabó. Mr. Orbán wrote: “Most people look back on their own story beginning from their birth, but the pasts of families and generations stretches back much further, by a matter of centuries.”

“But you – uniquely among the world’s nations – chronicle your history from the beginning of everything, from the creation of Mankind,” he wrote.

“On the occasion of the Jewish New Year, please allow me to respectfully greet you and the members of the Hungarian Jewish community. My wish is that, as in previous years, this New Year is spent in the spirit of solidarity, mutual respect for one another, and the defence and growth of our common culture. May you all be destined for a good year!” the Prime Minister wrote in closing.