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Operational Group meeting attended by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán held on 23 October

He said the epidemic is in an ascending phase in the whole of Europe, including in Hungary, “we are more or less at the height of Austria”.

Mr Orbán said in 42 hospitals around Hungary 2,209 patients are being treated for coronavirus infection, but “health care is standing its ground,” which is primarily owing to the fact that physicians and nurses are doing an excellent job even by European standards. The Prime Minister thanked them for their efforts.

He also highlighted that at the meeting of the Operational Group they had reviewed the rules relating to the wearing of face masks. In this context, he said “we have given enough time to everyone to understand that the containment of the epidemic depends on the wearing of face masks”.

Mr Orbán therefore instructed Minister of Interior Sándor Pintér to enforce the laws in force, and to ensure that the wearing of face masks is observed in general.

At the meeting, members of the Operational Group also spoke about the vaccine against the flu which is now available at general practitioners. The vaccine is free of charge for everyone, the costs are covered by the State, procurement, supply and delivery are ongoing, the Prime Minister said, adding that children younger than 3 years are also given free vaccination against the flu.

Regarding the vaccine against the coronavirus, attendees of the meeting of the Operational Group were informed that Hungary is participating in all European procurement programmes, he said.

At the same time, he called upon the Operational Group to also inform themselves about the circumstances of the production and procurement of the available Russian and Chinese vaccines.

“The goal is for the Hungarian people to be among the first to have access to a vaccine of reliable quality against the coronavirus within the shortest possible time,” Mr Orbán stressed.