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Policy of sanctions must be changed

Mr Orbán, who is attending the summit of the European Union’s heads of state and government in Prague, said in the video that serious problems were on the table.

‘Will there be gas, will there be electricity for European countries in the coming months?’ he listed.

Photo: Prime Minister’s Press Office/Zoltán Fischer

The Prime Minister recalled that Hungary had earlier obtained exemption from the oil embargo and sanction, adding that they have recently achieved that the new sanctions will not apply to either Hungary’s nuclear energy or its gas supply.

Mr Orbán also said the sanctions have, however, raised the price of energy “sky-high” and this is also affecting Hungary. Prices are almost unaffordable, he pointed out.

Photo: Prime Minister’s Press Office/Zoltán Fischer

“Russia has not been brought to its knees at all; meanwhile, European economies are bleeding out. It is evident that the policy of sanctions must be changed,” Mr Orbán said, referring to the latter as what is at stake at the meeting.