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President of Freedom Party of Austria to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán: Hungarian people are our allies

Mr Kickl wrote he cannot just stand by and watch “a Europe of nations turn into a Europe without nations”. Cooperation yes, unification no, he stressed. The President of FPÖ wrote to Mr Orbán that he likewise cannot just stand by and watch an elite clique deny our real lives, a clique which – going against the will of the majority – regards gender theory and the hoisting of the rainbow flag as the utmost yardstick of all things. We need common sense, he highlighted.

Mr Kickl greatly appreciates their excellent relations with Hungary, and recalled that also in his earlier position as head of group in Austria’s National Council he had always advocated a constructive dialogue with the Hungarian people.

“From now on, I will foster a fruitful exchange of experience with our Hungarian friends on behalf of the entire Freedom Party,” he said. Mr Kickl wrote to the President of Fidesz that he can only welcome Mr Orbán’s steadfast perseverance in enforcing the interests of Hungary, and at the same time, expressed hope that in the future strategic cooperation between Fidesz and FPÖ could become more intensive.

The President of the Freedom Party reassured Mr Orbán that in his person the entire Hungarian nation will find an ally when it comes to standing up for common goals such as the preservation of Christian identity, the tightening of migration policy, the effective protection of the EU’s external borders, the maintenance of the sovereignty of nation states or the fight against the EU’s guardianship.

Mr Havasi told MTI that in his congratulatory message Mr Orbán wrote to Mr Kickl that the cooperation between Fidesz and the Freedom Party of Austria offers a firm basis for the development of Hungarian-Austrian bilateral relations and the resolution of issues with an impact on the future of Europe. Mr Orbán looks forward to working together with the Freedom Party, and reassured his party president counterpart that they can rely on Fidesz’s support in the attainment of common goals.