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Prime Minister does not interfere in issues related to FTC’s management

In his letter made accessible to the press by the Press Chief [1], Mr Orbán finds it natural that supporters should take the fate of their beloved team to heart. „In order, however, for Hungarian football to improve, and to make achievements at club level similar to those made by our national team, we need unity most of all”, the Prime Minister stated.

„As Prime Minister of Hungary, I continue to maintain what I said at the inauguration of the new stadium of Ferencváros. Similar to the past, also at this point in time I do not wish to interfere in issues related to the management of the Ferencvárosi Torna Club”, the letter continues, which the Prime Minister closed as follows: „Let there be morals, strength and concord!”. Ferencváros supporters sent a petition to the Prime Minister on 30 July in protest against „the untenable and unnecessary regulations relating to supporters at present”, and demanding the departure of Club President Gábor Kubatov.

The Prime Minister said in his speech inaugurating the stadium in August 2014 that the event marked a memorable day for the entire country, but above all for Fradi supporters whose distinction as a community is appreciated even by those who do not have „green and white blood” in their veins. In his speech, the Prime Minister expressed his appreciation to Fradi supporters, among other things, „for the Fradi heart” which, in his words, has always sported the national colours, red, white and green as well. He said thanks to Fradi supporters „for having preserved the freedom and independence of the Hungarian nation even during the hardest communist times, and having kept the spirits of the Hungarian people up for decades”.

Mr Orbán also said thanks to those who took part in the construction works, and expressed his gratitude to all the citizens of the country for making the construction of the new stadium possible just four years after „Hungary teetered on the verge of bankruptcy”. „You have shown that the Hungarian people never give up”, he said, and finally also said thanks to the supporters of Ferencváros for having kept alive one of the world’s greatest sports clubs.