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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán condemns Bucha massacre, supports international investigation

Hungary fully supports an international investigation, the purpose of which is to find out who is responsible for the killings, Mr Havasi said stating the Prime Minister’s position.

The press chief recalled that also at his international press conference on Wednesday, Mr Orbán made it clear: this is a war that was started by the Russians, they attacked Ukraine, and this is an act of aggression.

“This is the common position of the European Union, and Hungary is a part of that position. As regards all the atrocities, I think each and every one of them must be investigated; […] at any rate, civilians must be protected under any circumstances, any atrocities committed against civilians must be firmly condemned, and such incidents must be investigated. We want an independent and impartial investigation,” the press chief said quoting Mr Orbán.

In an interview on Friday, President of the leading Polish government party Law and Justice (PiS) criticised Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán for the fact that, in his view, he was not prepared to condemn Russia due to the killings committed in Bucha, Ukraine.