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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán conducted inspection at city centre police station

After the early morning meeting of the Operational Group, the Prime Minister headed out for the inspection in the company of national police chief János Balogh. As part of the inspection, police station chief Péter Paál informed them about the situation regarding compliance with the rules relating to the curfew and the wearing of face masks.

From the video, we learn that the night before city centre police officers checked more than a hundred persons, “more than 10 persons” were found to be in breach of the curfew, while due to the violation of the rules relating to the wearing of face masks police officers initiated the prosecution of one person. The police station chief informed the Prime Minister that, based on his experience, ever more people are observing the rules. According to Mr Orbán’s summary in the video, Hungarians tend to perceive themselves in such a light that there are many undisciplined people as well as people who want to stand out among them, “but at this time this is not what can be observed”.