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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán congratulated Ágnes Keleti on her birthday

In a video posted on Facebook, the Prime Minister said “we Hungarians believe that fate intended a more difficult path for us. Hungary is a fantastic, but difficult place; it is surrounded by empires, and we have always had to fight for our lives, freedom and independence. We have been allotted not only a more difficult path, however. The Almighty keeps sending us – as he did in the past – great heroes who have set an example, and have lifted us out of the hardships of daily life. They have set an example of perseverance, determination, fantastic performance, and also patriotism. Heroes in whose honour the National Anthem has been played more than once, and could watch, standing at the top of the podium, the Hungarian flag raised highest,” he said. He added that today we are congratulating one such hero on her 100th birthday. God bless Ágnes Keleti, Hungary’s five-time Olympic champion and Athlete of the Nation, and keep her alive for many more years in strength and good health, Mr Orbán concluded his best wishes.