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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán congratulated Florentino Pérez on his re-election as President of Real Madrid

“I’m convinced that your experience of many decades guarantees that Real Madrid continue to preserve the place in deserves among the most successful clubs of Spain, Europe and the world,” Mr Orbán’s letter posted on the Puskás Academy’s website reads.

Mr Orbán added that it is a great pleasure that under Mr Pérez’s leadership they had managed to contribute to the preservation of the memory of our common hero Ferenc Puskás and the strengthening of Hungarian and Spanish football relations.

“I’m proud that in Europe a RealTanoda socio-sporting educational programme was first launched at the Puskás Academy in Hungary which has given young Hungarians an opportunity to improve themselves for ten years. As part of the programme, under the auspices of the Puskás-Suzuki Cup, young Hungarian are able to compete with Real Madrid’s best teams in their respective age groups. I sincerely hope that we will succeed in elevating our successful cooperation to new heights during the period ahead,” Mr Orbán wrote.

“I wish you good health and much success with your responsible work,” the Prime Minister wrote in conclusion.

Mr Pérez has led the Blancos not only for the past 12 years, but also during one term before, between 2000 and 2006. The 74-year-old sports executive preserved his position practically automatically as up to the Monday cut-off time no other candidate had been nominated, and so he was confirmed in his position as the only candidate, without a vote, until 2025.