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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán contacted leaders of winning right-wing parties

According to the press chief’s information, Mr Orbán wrote to candidate for prime minister Giorgia Meloni that the success of the Fratelli d’Italia party is a victory of the values which “constitute the very basis of our cooperation and friendship”. Mr Orbán also made reference to the Russo-Ukrainian war; in his view, during such a challenging period, predictable partnerships are especially gaining in significance. “I look forward to our future cooperation in the interest of preserving the peace of our countries and Europe, restarting the European economy and alleviating the energy crisis,” Mr Orbán wrote to the party president.

Earlier, the Hungarian Prime Minister also sent a message to Giorgia Meloni on his social media account, writing that “A victory more than well-deserved. Congratulations!”

Mr Orbán further contacted Lega leader Matteo Salvini and President of Forza Italia Silvio Berlusconi, congratulating both of them on the election victory of Italian right-wing parties, and thanking them for their friendship and cooperation so far.