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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán convened a cabinet meeting for Saturday

The ministers will discuss economic and energy security issues. The Brussels oil sanction which has an impact on the whole of Europe, including Hungary, took effect a few days ago; there are sanctions energy and petrol prices in the whole of Europe as a result.

Instead of changing their policy causing severe losses, Brussels decision-makers are seeking to introduce further sanctions, thereby adding to the burdens weighing heavily upon the European economy, the press chief said in his related communication.

He added that at the cabinet meeting members of the government would also discuss the issue of the EU funds that Hungary was entitled to. The Hungarian government and Parliament fulfilled all undertakings that had been agreed upon with the European Commission. The Brussels bureaucrats are setting further conditions now because they want to impose their will on Hungary also on the issues of immigration, the sanctions and gender.

Hungary honours its undertakings, but on these issues the government represents the interests of the Hungarian people, not the interests of Brussels, Mr Havasi stated.