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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán had talks with Chairman of Bank of China

According to the information of the Prime Minister’s press chief, at the meeting Mr Orbán said that cooperation with Bank of China has proved to be beneficial for Hungary as this a valuable reference for the country: when the Hungarian government conducts negotiations with a company regarding investments, the bank’s presence in Budapest is a significant factor upon the adoption of the final decision.

Mr Orbán thanked BoC for its involvement in successful Hungarian bond offerings. In his words, cooperation in this field, too, improves Hungary’s financial security.

Photo: Balázs Szecsődi

The bank’s chairman said they are considering enhancing their investment activities in Hungary. At the same time, he congratulated the Prime Minister on the fact that the Hungarian government is guiding the Hungarian economy in the direction of healthy and sustainable growth. At the meeting, the parties also spoke about European and global economic challenges, Mr Havasi said.