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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán had talks with President of Mongolia

Mr Orbán hosted the Mongolian head of state in the Parliament Building at a working lunch. At the meeting the Prime Minister informed his guest of the latest European political issues. Hungarian-Mongolian bilateral economic relations can be intensified in the fields of information technology, water management, the food industry and veterinary health care, the parties established at the meeting. Tied aid loans serve as effective means for developments; the implementation of the agreement on this is in the best interests of both countries, they stated.

Photo: Balázs Szecsődi

The President of Mongolia came to Hungary to view the events of the Judo World Championships, and accordingly, the importance of sports and the education of succession athletes was also on the agenda of the Tuesday meeting. Mr Orbán and Khaltmaa Battulga pointed out: the success of the World Aquatics Championships and the current prestigious world sporting event, too, stand as proof of the fact that Budapest is one of the capitals of international sports, the Deputy State Secretary heading the Prime Minister’s Press Office said.