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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has been vaccinated

Mr Orbán received the vaccine at the vaccination point of the Hungarian Defence Forces Health Care Centre.

On Saturday, Chief Medical Officer Cecília Müller told the Hungarian news agency MTI that she herself had recommended the vaccine to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán She said it was important that the Prime Minister set an example for members of the public, so that as many people avail themselves of the possibility of vaccination as possible, regardless of where the vaccines come from. She said the vaccination of members of the government and the Operational Group was equally important. Vaccination gives hope that the third wave may come to an end claiming few victims, and that the pandemic, too, may soon come to an end, she stated.

On Friday, President of the Republic János Áder, too, was inoculated with the Sinopharm vaccine. Speaking to the media after vaccination, the head of state asked all compatriots who have not yet done so to register for vaccination as soon as possible. At the same time, those who are offered the possibility of being vaccinated with the first and second doses of any vaccine approved by the Hungarian authorities and Hungarian experts should accept the offer.