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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in talks with Vladimir Putin in Moscow

Mr. Orbán congratulated his host on Russia’s staging of the World Cup. He said that Hungary respects Russian culture and holds it in the highest esteem, and pointed out that the organisation of this sporting event was worthy of Russian culture.

Mr. Havasi said that the two leaders reviewed the status of international energy projects and their impact on Europe. There was special focus on the TurkStream gas pipeline, which is also highly important for Hungary.

Photo: Balázs Szecsődi

Mr. Orbán and Mr. Putin also discussed the Paks Nuclear Power Plant project, which is the flagship of the economic cooperation between the two countries. The press chief said that on this they concluded that “everything is proceeding according to plan”.

At the end of the meeting the two leaders confirmed that the next Hungarian-Russian summit will be held in Moscow on 18 September.