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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán meets relatives of executed Coptic Christians in Egypt

After a meeting with Coptic religious leaders at the end of his official visit to Egypt, in the presence of the family members the Prime Minister thanked the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria for helping to ensure that Hungarian aid reaches the Coptic families concerned.

He said that to date the Hungarian assistance has not been widely publicised, but Hungary will continue this activity in the future.

Péter Kveck, Hungarian Ambassador to Egypt, told the public media at the event that the Hungarian Embassy in Cairo is continuously monitoring the situation of Coptic Christians and is keeping the Hungarian government informed of its findings. At the same time the Embassy helps members of the Cabinet to speak out at various international forums on behalf of Coptic Christians, should they be exposed to any threat or injury.

He said that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and the Hungarian delegation met families of those killed by terrorists in Libya in spring 2015.