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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán praised partnership of many decades between Hungary and Indonesia

The Hungarian Prime Minister recalled in his message that diplomatic relations between Hungary and Indonesia were established 65 years ago, and the partnership of the two countries has always been based on mutual respect.

“I am happy that in recent years political, economic and cultural relations between our countries have been given a new impetus, and I can reassure you that Hungary remains firmly committed to enhancing cooperation even during the present challenging times of the global pandemic,” Mr Orbán wrote to the Indonesian head of state.

The Prime Minister also mentioned President Joko Widodo’s planned visit to Hungary, expressing hope that it could be realised within the shortest possible time in order to have an opportunity to conduct talks in person in the interest of further strengthening relations between the two nations.

Mr Havasi recalled that Mr Orbán had paid an official visit to the capital of Indonesia Jakarta at the beginning of 2016 where after his talks he said it had been ascertained that there was no corner of the Earth any more where Hungarian businesspeople could not forge good business relations and fruitful economic cooperation.