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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán received President of FIA

The parties – in the company of Minister for Innovation and Technology László Palkovics who also acts as government commissioner for the development of motorsports and the management of transport safety – reviewed further possibilities for the development of motorsports in Hungary and related plans.

Competitors of the “king category” have been returning guests to Hungaroring every year since 1986; the series has visited the Mogyoród racetrack without interruption for the second longest time. Based on the agreement concluded last year, we will definitely be able to count on the presence of the best of F1 in Hungary until 2027, the head of the Press Office of the Prime Minister recalled.

At the meeting, the parties also spoke about transport safety issues. Hungary is seeking to drastically reduce the number of fatal road accidents.

The parties further discussed the fact that Hungary is paying particular attention to the entire automotive sector as future mobility and the production of batteries represent a special breakthrough opportunity for the country. At the same time, motorsports which are closely linked to the industry are the cradle for the latest innovations.