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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to attend V4 consultation, then EU summit

At the two-day summit beginning on Thursday which is to be held as part of a video conference, members of the European Council comprising the heads of state and government of the European Union will discuss the latest developments of the pandemic caused by the coronavirus, the state of the EU’s preparedness for future health risks, issues regarding security and defence, and relations with the Southern neighbours.

Mr Havasi recalled that while there is growing dissatisfaction and outrage among the Member States of the EU due to the shortage of Western vaccine supplies and serial delays in deliveries, the Hungarian government has opted for another path by procuring as many vaccines as possible from as many sources as possible. As a result, we will be able to vaccinate 3.5 million more people than other EU Member States of comparable sizes. All vaccines that are effective, safe and protect people’s lives are good, the press chief repeated the Hungarian government’s position.