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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to Bavarian CSU’s new chair: CSU may continue to rely on support of Hungarian government

“The traditionally close partnership and cooperation between the Bavarian and Hungarian government parties constitute an important pillar of Bavarian-Hungarian and German-Hungarian relations”, Mr Orbán wrote, expressing his conviction that “our commitment to Christian values serves as a sound foundation for the joint resolution of the issues affecting the future of the European Union”. “In these efforts you may continue to rely on my support and that of the Hungarian government”, the Prime Minister pointed out in his letter, and wished Mr Söder all the very best and good health with his “job involving important duties”.

Markus Söder, Minister-President of Bavaria, was elected as chair of the CSU at the party’s extraordinary congress held at the weekend in Munich. 87.4 per cent of delegates supported the politician who was the only candidate for the post.